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The 90 Day Leaderboard

What is it?

  • The 90 day leaderboard shows the top 100 hackers based on their activity in the last 90 days.

How do I access it?

How do I become eligible for the leaderboard?

You’ll be eligible if within the last 90 days you have:

    • Positive reputation gain
    • Non-negative signal
    • Zero code of conduct violations

How do I move up in ranking?

Hackers are ranked by their score from the calculation:

Reputation x Signal Percentile x Impact Percentile

  • Reputation is based on your report validity
  • Signal and Impact Percentile are calculated against all eligible hackers

Increasing your reputation, signal, or impact will move you up on the leaderboard. As the leaderboard updates every day at 8:30am UTC, you can see how you rank with other hackers on a daily basis.

Why should I care about my ranking?

The higher your rank, the higher your chance of receiving invitations to private programs. 

Even though we only show the top 100 hackers on the leaderboard to the public, as long as you are ranked with a number, you will be considered in the hacker pool. To check this, you can view the leaderboard while logged in to your HackerOne account.

For instance, if this is the state of the 90 day leaderboard:

  1. Alice
  2. Bob
  3. Charlie
  4. David

For each invitation that goes out, the chances for each hacker receiving the invite would be:

  1. Alice: 40%
  2. Bob: 30%
  3. Charlie: 20%
  4. David: 10%


  1. Hackers in the priority queue will still be first to receive invitations.
  2. The exact amount of invites you receive still depend on other factors, including previous program invitations that you have already received. We guarantee that with every new program coming online, your chances of receiving an invitation to hack is linearly proportional to your current rank. 


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