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Monthly Digest

If you’re a member of an active HackerOne program, you’ll receive monthly digest emails from to see how your program is performing and to gain insight into any changes to your program. You’ll receive this email every first business day of the month.

The monthly digest emails entail the following information for a program:

  • Reports that need your attention
  • Top earning hackers for the month in your program
  • Monthly trends, which include:
    • Number of new reports
    • Number of closed reports
    • Number of reports in triage
    • Amount of bounties awarded
    • Hacker participation number in your program
    • Team’s average first response time
  • Links to recent blog posts

These emails provide a general snapshot of the monthly trends of your program to enable you to see what areas need to be taken action on and also to see what’s been going on with HackerOne.

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