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How do I set up integrations?

Contact us and we will help you set up an integration for your bug tracking software.

HackerOne utilizes direct links for integration to allow using a private/VPN bug tracking instance. We support many different integrations, but generally, the pieces of data that you will need to supply are a:

  • URL to create a ticket
  • URL to view a ticket 

URL to create a ticket

The create ticket is used to send information to your bug tracking software. These links support passing parameters through, such as a project to create the ticket under, priorities, title, descriptions, etc. HackerOne can configure passing along report specific data, for example passing through the report title and description to pre-populate the ticket template. A general example (in Jira) of how this looks is the following:!init.jspa?pid=12345&issuetype=1&summary=report+description+here

URL to view a ticket

Similarly to the create url, the view url is how the HackerOne report is linked to the bug tracker report. A general example (in Jira) of how this looks is the following:<id>

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