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What can I find on the dashboard?

The HackerOne dashboard was created to give you accurate reporting on bugs and bounties in your security program at any time. The dashboard also helps you identify areas of improvement in your software development lifecycle and track how you are improving. Any reports filed by your team members will not be reflected in the dashboard data.

If you have a program on H1, you can find your program metrics at

You can show the data on a daily, weekly or monthly granularity. The data selector on top also allows you to set custom data start and end dates. Data can be downloaded as CSV and easily further managed in a spreadsheet or other tools you prefer. 

Note: if you have more advanced reporting requirements or would like to integrate HackerOne dashboard data into your existing reporting tools and infrastructure, there is an API for that.

Metrics include: 

  • Bugs Resolved
  • Bounties Amount Sum
  • Hackers Thanked
  • Number of Rewarded Reports
  • Bounty Average
  • Payout % of Resolved Reports
  • Response Time
  • Resolution Time
  • Chart for Report statuses over time
  • Chart for Response time and Resolution time over time
  • Chart for Bounty Payouts over time
  • Top hackers by number of bounties paid (only available over all time)
  • Top hackers by total amount paid (only available over all time)

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