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What is Hacktivity?

Hacktivity is the front page of our community showcasing select activity regarding vulnerabilities (once disclosed), hackers, programs, and bounty awards. In this article, we'll answer the most frequently asked questions regarding Hacktivity.

What appears on Hacktivity?

To qualify for Hacktivity, the activity must occur within a public program. It then would show up if any of the following criteria is met:

  • A Hacker has been "Thanked" (Vulnerability Resolved);
  • A Hacker has received a bug bounty;
  • A Hacker has has received swag;
  • A Vulnerability Report has been publicly disclosed.

This means a closed report that is not public yet would appear (with redacted title) if it was resolved and/or has awards. It also means a report that had been resolved, re-opened, and closed as informative or any other closed state would also appear. 

Your personal hacktivity feed on the profile follows the same rule. 

How is activity ranked on Hacktivity?

On the Popular page, activities are ranked primarily by their aggregated upvotes divided by a power of the time since they were last updated on Hacktivity. The vote is weighted slightly more if it comes from a hacker with high Signal. Each activity gets an initial boost if it is resolved and/or receives an above average bounty. 

The New page is ordered chronologically. A previously appeared vulnerability goes back to the top if any of the activities happens: closed as resolved, awarded with bounty, awarded with swag, or publicly disclosed.

Can anyone upvote?

Yes -- all you need is an account! However, you can only upvote once on each activity.

You're able to see the top ten hackers (ranked by Signal) voted on an activity when hovering over the upvote count.

Can I downvote?

Not yet, but you can certainly retreat your upvote. If you feel strongly about downvoting, feel free to send feature request to us

Can I comment?

Not yet, but if you feel strongly about commenting, feel free to send feature request to us

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