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What are automatic hacker invites? How do I invite hackers to my program?

HackerOne has an algorithm that learns from the activity of successful hackers on your program and other programs to empower the auto-invite feature.

What are Automatic hacker invites?

  • Automatic invites is an optional feature for Private programs on HackerOne that helps maintain a steady volume of reports without manual action.
  • When enabled, this feature will automatically invite hackers into your program to keep a healthy flow of report submissions (without overloading your team).
  • New hackers are invited immediately when you enable automatic invites, and as-needed based on current report volume every 7 days thereafter until you disable automatic invites. 

Do you have a goal for the number of weekly reports you'd like to receive?

  • The number of hackers that will be invited is based on the number of reports you prefer to receive.
  • Let your customer success manager know the volume of reports you're comfortable with.

Only hackers with a proven track record, as determined by Reputation and Signal, will be invited to your program.

You can turn automatic invites on or off any time you wish. 

You can find automatic invites in your program's settings page, under the "Program > Hacker Management" tab.

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