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How do I set up a trigger?

A trigger is a simple, yet powerful, "If This, Then That" tool for executing an automated response to new, incoming reports. Use them to respond to a report where you frequently repeat yourself, but take care not to create overly broad triggers as false positives may annoy researchers.

To begin setting up triggers, navigate to Settings > Triggers. You will see a list of any previously created triggers (if applicable). You can click on the title of any existing trigger on the list to edit its content.

To create a new trigger, click the gray “Add new Trigger” button. On the new trigger screen, first you will be asked to define the Criteria for the trigger by entering keywords and selecting what part of the report to search for those keywords. Second, you will designate the Action to be taken if a match is found by the platform. You can add Common Responses to the trigger to communicate the reasons for the action. Third, you give your trigger a title and select whether or not it should be currently enabled. Once you’re finished, make sure to click the green “Save” button in the bottom right to save your new trigger.


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