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How do I triage a Report?

Reports will enter your queue with the state of “New,” and will be viewable by the members of your security team. Once you have confirmed that the issue requires further attention, change the state to “Triaged” using the “Change state” option from the report drop-down menu above the comment box. You should include a comment with further information about the next steps on the report, both for your security team as well as in the interest of transparent communication with the hacker who filed the report.

HackerOne integrates with most internal issue tracking systems. When you change the state to Triaged, you have the option to enter a Reference ID, usually taken from your team’s internal issue tracking system, which is visible only to members of your internal security team.

If you have already integrated your issue tracking system, you will see the “Escalate” link next to the Reference ID field. Click it and your issue tracking system opens with the details from the report pre-loaded. Copy that URL into the Reference ID field and it will be automatically linked to the report in HackerOne.

If you haven’t already integrated your issue tracking system with HackerOne, you’ll notice that there is no “Escalate” link next to the Reference ID field. You can still use the Reference ID field by manually entering a tracking number or URL. 

Please contact us if you're interested in integrating your issues tracking system with HackerOne.

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