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How do I request an invoice to award bounties?


HackerOne takes care of getting the hackers paid once you award a bounty, but in order to start giving out those bounties, we need the best billing contact person, phone number and email address from you. Once we have that information, awarded bounty payments will be made to hackers automatically on your behalf, and we will send you an invoice at the beginning of each month covering all bounty activity for the previous month.

Once your program has launched, you can request a bounty prepayment invoice within your program settings.

  1. Login to your program at
  2. Click General settings
  3. Click Prepayment
  4. Enter the correct information in the fields below
  5. Click the green button "Request Invoice"


If you have questions about invoicing, you can send a message to and we'll get you set up.

Credit Card

You can also setup Credit Card payments as an alternate to pre-payment, by going to your team's settings.

  1. Log into your program
  2. Program Settings
  3. Click "Credit Card" (under "General").
  4. Your credit card will be charged separately for every bounty you decide to award

Please note: When prepayment AND credit card are set up, the prepayment is automatically deducted first, then once the prepayment is depleted, the credit card remains as the alternate form of payment.

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