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When do I receive my invoice?

Organizations pay an advanced deposit to HackerOne which should cover about 3 month's worth of predicted bounty spend. HackerOne will then use this deposit to remit payments to hackers once the Security team has set an award for a bounty.  

HackerOne will send a detailed invoice at the beginning of every month for all bounties paid in the previous month, plus the 20% service fee. The invoice amount will be deducted from the advanced deposit. Hackers will have already received the bounties you awarded, so paying your invoices on time helps ensure a seamless experience for hackers. If the advanced deposit fund is running low based on your bounty spend, we will send an invoice for another advanced deposit line item, with the goal that an advanced deposit should cover about 3 month's worth of bounty spend.

The details for each transaction can be accessed by going to your team Settings > Billing.  Either click on the report or export more by selecting “Download as CSV.”

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