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SLA Inbox Labels

Each report will have an SLA state (e.g. SLA fail) that identifies whether the report is in violation of the program’s own SLA targets or HackerOne’s defined SLA limits. You can see the SLA states as labels on individual reports in your inbox. SLA labels enable you to easily identify which reports are in violation of your SLAs, and they will prompt your team to take action if individual reports are out of your SLA band.

There are 2 types of SLA labels: SLA Miss and SLA Fail. We label reports that:

  • Don’t meet target as: SLA Miss
  • Exceed the limit as: SLA Fail



Notes: Reports that do meet the target will not be labeled

You can use the default inbox filter, SLA Violations, to view all reports you need to take action on. In this view, we list failing SLAs first, and missing SLAs second.



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