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Hacker Reviews

With Hacker Reviews, HackerOne customers have the option to send comments on hacker behavior to HackerOne and the hacker after closing a report. It also lets the reviewer highlight a key behaviour which allow HackerOne to award or assist the hacker accordingly.

There are 3 parts to reviews:

  1. Customers can choose whether to provide a positive or negative rating for the hacker.
  2. Customers can select 1 of 4 preselected areas where the hacker excelled.
  3. Customers can provide free-form commentary to hackers and HackerOne about hacker behavior. 


Regardless of whether the review is positive or negative, the hacker will receive an email with the contents of the review. In the case of a positive review, the reviewer also has the option to leave a public endorsement for the profile page of the Hacker. This serves as an opportunity to tell the world about just how awesome the hacker is.


A program may disable or enable this optional feature the same way they manage any other Hackbot suggestion. Either they can click a link at the bottom of each prompt, or they can change this setting via their Hackbot settings page.

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