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Integrating with Jira Cloud

To integrate with Jira Cloud: 

1. Go to Settings > Program > Integrations.

2. Click the Connect with JIRA link.

3. Choose JIRA Cloud and you will be redirected to Atlassian Marketplace. 

4. Click the Get it now button to install the HackerOne for Jira appplication. The page will redirect you to your Jira instance and the integration will be downloaded and installed. 


5. Click the Get started button on the installation confirmation pop-up.


6. The installation process will continue on the HackerOne website and will ask you to select the program you want to link to. Select the program you want to link to your Jira instance. 


7. The set up will take you to the Jira settings page where you can select which events you want to sync between HackerOne and Jira. 

You're all set! Now that you've finished the Jira integration set up, you can create Jira issues right from your HackerOne report.

To Create Jira Issues from your HackerOne Report: 

  1. In the comments section of the report, change Add comment to Change state > Triaged.
  2. Click the Create JIRA issue button to create the issue in Jira. 

Every time something happens on the Jira issue, Hackbot will automatically create an internal comment on the HackerOne report.


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