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How do we integrate with Jira?

HackerOne offers a bi-directional Jira integration that syncs information between your HackerOne report and the Jira issue. To allow maximum customization you can configure which events need to be synced between HackerOne and your Jira instance:

HackerOne to Jira Jira to HackerOne
Comments Comments
State changes Status changes
Rewards Resolution changes
Assignee changes Priority changes
Public disclosure  Assignee changes


HackerOne offers an easy to use integration that helps you save time in your day to day work. To create a Jira issue, click on the Create Jira issue button when updating a bug report in HackerOne. The process runs in the background, and the ticket will automatically be referenced in your HackerOne report.


To install the Jira integration, please choose your Jira edition to continue with the installation process:




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